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Free Phone Calls by CitrusTel


Start making free phone calls using CitrusTel. You will see a dialpad on this page. Simply go that dialpad and enter any local or international phone number you are trying to call. Once you have entered the number in the correct international dialing format, click on "Call". We will then connect your call for completely free. Start making free phone calls today!

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Free phone calls are a reality

CitrusTel is the only web browser based application that offer free internet based phone calls. It enables real time connectivity based on VOIP principles between a computer and a traditional mobile or fixed phone number. You no longer have to spend money buying calling cards or Skype credit. Why waste money when you can call for completely free?

Free Phone Calls from PC

All you need to use CitrusTel is a PC or Mac. Since CitrusTel is fully functional within a browser, you simply need internet connectivity to start making free phone calls. If you are wondering how CitrusTel works, know that we use emerging web and VOIP technologies to enable free phone calls. There are two key parts to our platform: 1- Web based front end. Our front end is built using emerging web technologies and new communication standards to enable two-way communication in order to offer free phone calls. Since we use html5 standards, you do not need to install any additional plug-ins to use CitrusTel. This also keeps our app light and less compute intensive. This means that even if you have an older PC, you should be able to use CitrusTel to make free phone calls. 2- Distributed VOIP backend. Our cutting edge VOIP infrastructure that connects calls to all telecom companies around the world to offer highest quality free phone calls.

Why use CitrusTel to make free phone calls?

The question should be, why not? We offer highest quality of calls for completely free. There is no reason to spend money or go through the hassle of downloading an app to make phone calls. CitrusTel is making telephony as simple and convenient as e-mails. If you like our service, do not forget to tell your friends about it.